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We are a bunch of seasoned digital nomads working remotely from all around the globe. Together we form the NomadsLab Community :  a cohort that acts as a  platform for the unification of all the nomads on a workation, welcoming all those who want to be a part of us with open arms. We started with the idea of being a sense of security and support in alien places, guiding you at every step of the journey to ensure that your experience is perfect and relaxing, aiming at making workation more mainstream in India and also globally. Our journey started 7 years ago, and  what began with a handful of bewildered nomads, is now a whole community of like minded people, supporting each other.

For most of us in the founding team, the initial workations were confusing and instead of being the relaxing getaway we were looking for, it ended up being a blunder. But it wasn't all a waste, all the struggles and mistakes brought us to the point where we realized the need for a community and a friend in the foreign land, and that was the start of NomadsLab Community: a platform for all the existing and aspiring digital nomads. It is our purpose to make your journey as convenient and fun as possible.

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