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NomadsLab community is a platform for all the digital nomads hoping to experience the lifestyle, acting as the medium for the vocalization of difficulties faced and a helping hand for support. We understand the need of a circle away from home and we aim to be a family like community and make your experience as convenient as it can be. So that you are free to explore the digital nomad in you.

We are a group of habituated digital nomads and we understand the lifestyle unlike any other which gives us the insight on things that will make this journey an perpetual experience. Get a chance to live like a local, get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and build a community of like minded people.

We are a group of digital nomads working towards the unification of the digital nomad community globally. With the sole aim of making workation a lifestyle, we have created the platform where all location independent workers connect and make community nomadic experience more mainstream and accessible to everyone.

Community Program

Surf & Work : Varkala

Imagine waking up to the sound of sea waves every morning for a whole month. Surf the waves,then later surf the internet and get your job done while sitting coastside in Varkala, Kerala. Soak up rich Indian culture while you spend your time on the Varkala beaches backed by palm-covered red cliffs and dive into the holy waters of Papanasam Beach and live the digital nomad community experience you've always wanted to be a part of, surf and cowork with the community members.

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Wonderful Indonesia

Looking to take your work vacation international? Explore the east Asian paradise of Indonesia with several fun activities to boot. When you are not doing volcano hikes and exploring hidden waterfalls, you can relax in Bali and soak up the local culture. With the intermediate courses that come with the trip you can learn surfing, diving all while you enjoy famous local delicacies with the community of like minded professionals; have the trip of your life with these new acquaintances and discover your true self in these waters

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The Hanoi Loop: Hidden Gems of Vietnam

Famous for its rivers and rice harvest, enveloped in a glorious past full of warfare and victories, Vietnam is as heavenly as it gets here on earth. From ancient pagodas to hustling city crowds, this asian country just might be the perfect setting for your next workation. Vibrant city life, lush green hills, mouth watering asian street food and alluring photogenic sceneries, all of this comes together and presents the middle grounds of how traditions and technology go hand in hand. On this journey you get to experience both sides of this exquisite country, starting with a week in Ho Chi Minh City, moving forward to the capital, Hanoi from there starts the journey into the wild, unlocking the hidden gems for the following 3 whole weeks, absorbing the true essence. One round road trip that will help you get in touch with the diverse nature beauty vietnam is talked about.

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