Surf & Work : Varkala

Varkala, Kerala|

Nov 2023 - Feb 2024


Soak up the sunlight on the beaches on the enchanting golden shores of varkala, rich in both cultural and natural aspects. The uprising town is ideal for all the aspiring digital nomads, it being the fusion of the lively hippie lifestyle and soothing soulful shores. Varkala beach is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea, making it the top attraction,after the array of water sports. It also has some of the best pristine beaches, hills, lakes, forts, lighthouses, natural fisheries and springs, making it a little paradise, or more popularly known as “ The Goa Of Kerala”. 

This one month co-working experience comes with an immediate surfing course which will enhance your surfing skills. Other than the enticing water sports there is so much more you can do while working remotely from this coastal town, the list is endless. Some famous activities you can enjoy while observing the tranquil wilderness at its most natural.

  • Shop around and enjoy the local cuisine, live like a local and observe the culture closely.
  • Visit the famous forts and lighthouses.
  • Spend some time at the Varkala Culture Center and witness Kathakali, the most beautiful and the world-famous art form from Kerala
  • Seaside yoga, what will ever be better than breathing in and out while hearing the grating roar of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling.
  • Visit Kilimanoor Palace and experience the Artistic Aura.

What are Essentials

Being  a coastal suburban place, varkala has a moderate climate throughout the year, October to February being the best time for staying. Carry light and breezy clothes, sunblockers like sunscreen, sunglasses, wide hats and scarves. And also all the necessary technological gadgets you're gonna need on your workation. If traveling during winters you'd also like to carry a few light jackets and socks along. 

What To Expect

This workation in varkala is just the retreat you need, give yourself freedom from the monotony of everyday life and dive into new experiences. Varkala is full of coastside cafes which make it one of the fastest rising hub for digital nomads. This community nomadic experience is going to be a lifetime opportunity for all bizcation enthusiasts.

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