The Hanoi Loop: Hidden Gems of Vietnam


Jan 2023 - Feb 2023


Vietnam, a blissful country in Southeast Asia, is the epitome of everything at once, a perfect balance between modernity and traditions; respecting its past as it embraces the new trends. As digital nomads, life is all about balance in this absorbing country. Motorbikes are something very prevalent in all parts of this old country, almost 86% households have a motorbike, making it the most convenient vehicle to move around on, experience the community digital nomadic lifestyle on the roads of vietnam, exploring the hidden gems in the womb of nature. 

This is going to be a 5 week nomadic journey which will start from Ho Chi Minh City, enjoying the exhilarating the asian city life, delectable street food, exquisite markets and historical buildings for a whole week while working, concluding with the day out to Mekong River Delta on the weekend. The following week takes you to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, famous for its colonial architecture, pagodas and coffee scenes. This historical city marks the start of the 3 week long loop that will lead you deeper into Vietnamese culture. 

The Hanoi Loop: Hidden Gems of Vietnam

After spending the second week exploring Hanoi, the roads further lead to these captivating destinations, right out of a travel brochure - photogenic, tranquil, and unexplored. Absorbing the places calmly, giving ample time to each and every destination, living like a local and managing work- all what sums up a perfect digital nomadic experience. The following list names the star highlights of the loop:

  1. Be Be Lake, Nam Mau : the largest natural lake in Vietnam, surrounded by limestone cliffs covered by towering trees. Hidden in the heart of Vietnam, this lake is a tranquil setting to work from.

  1. Ban Gioc WaterFalls, Dam Thuy : pair of two waterfalls on the Quây S?n River that straddle the international border between China and Vietnam set a serene visual with soothing sounds of flowing water making a keen landscape.

  1. Meo Vac, Ha Giang : the small town  of Meo Vac is located on the Dong Van karst plateau park. The valley is famous for its cultivation of herbs and various plants of medicinal value and for its unique local culture. 

  1. Dong Van District, Ha Giang : a rural district near the Chinese Vietnamese border  in Northern Vietnam, giving you the opportunity to visit the passes and . These hills are also ideal for trekking and mountain climbing.

  1. Yen Minh District : On the  way to Ha Giang, this small province holds a heartful community, captivating mountains and the Yen Minh Pine Forest.

  1. Du Gia Village Homestay- the disconnect : take a break from all your work and explore this rural commune full of lakes, passes, waterfalls and rice fields. Soak in the authentic culture for the houses here, embrace the traditional architecture, live like a local and immerse yourself in natural beauty.

  2. Ha Giang :  The final and the most amusing destination on the hanoi loop, Ha Giang lies in the remote far northern region of the country; enjoy motorbike adventures, trekking, and visit the traditional chinese palaces in the province.

And so much more. Vietnam holds an infinite number of amusing natural wonders, from lakes and waterfalls to beaches and national parks, it has everything. Explore it all with the community of like minded digital nomads.

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